Not what you see.

To God be the glory!

HOPE IS NOT GIVEN UP September 28, 2011

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Looking into your eyes,
Tears filled mine.
Determination written on your face,
Hope that never would erase.
You are destined for something great.
You don’t see it,
You won’t believe it.
Don’t give up.
Hold on tight.
Soon you will be through this fight.



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I let go,
Just to grab hold again.
I dried my tears,
Just to see them fall again.
I tied the knot,
Just to untie it again.
I put it together,
Just to undo it again.
I left you,
But I can’t go back again.


THE WINNING HAND September 22, 2011

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“Let us see how long she can last.” Calls Satan.
“Very well.” God replies.
“Two bushels says she gives up this time.” Satan taunts.
“Three says she doesn’t.” God counters.
“Why the faith in the mortal girl?” Satan questions.
“Because she is mine.” States God

RICH IN LOVE August 6, 2011

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I never needed money to be happy.
All I needed was you.
That shoe box of an apartment was good enough for me.
Why not you?
I don’t need that expensive car.
I can walk, that’s what legs are for.
So what if we have no money.
That doesn’t mean we’re poor.
Look in our little girl’s eyes
Tell me we have nothing.
Look at our little boy laughing.
We truly have something.
Don’t you see how rich we are?
Can’t you see how great we have it?
I don’t need the money but I’ll tell you what.
You can have it.

FLOWER July 28, 2011

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10 petals hang over me.
Petal 1 – Remembering your smile.
Petal 2 – Remembering how we would just cry for awhile.
Petal 3 – Lost in each others eyes.
Petal 4 – Forgetting our lives.
Petal 5 – Working on cars.
Petal 6 – Staring up at the stars.
Petal 7 – Feeling your touch.
Petal 8 – Always saying too much.
Petal 9 – Wishing I could have changed this.
Petal 10 – Knowing everything I’m going to miss.
10 petals hang over me.



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At last the final curtain fell
With it, the end to this facade
The applause began to swell
It was a performance worthy of the gods
The minor roles had exceeded all expectations
The leads beamed with pride
But it wasn’t them who were worthy of congratulations
It was the puppeteer who hid behind
He spun his web of deception.
He weaved the threads of doubt
He changed their whole perception
He had left no one out


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Closing my eyes I heard a sound.
Not knowing what it was I looked around.
Nothing in view but that which was normal.
So I closed my eyes again, then the rumble.
As sudden as it had come it again disappeared.
I looked frantically around to see what it was to be feared.
I stopped to listen for whatever I could hear,
But again, there was seemingly nothing to fear.
So once again I closed my eyes in sleep.
I continued to listen carefully for even a peep.
But not a sound came or went while I lay there awake.
But little did I know what a difference that little rumble would make.
The rumble had been the first sign that it was time.
But I had turned the lights out and lost that last chance of mine.

1 Thessalonians 5:2
For you know quite well that the day of the Lord’s return will come unexpectedly, like a thief in the night.